My tutoring approach

I am calm and patient. I aim to develop a good understanding of mathematics through a careful sequencing of tuition; this helps to ensure that the student’s learning is secure and that my tuition provides an excellent foundation for exams and for future studies.

Homework is a key element of my tutoring: it gives the student the opportunity to practise skills that they have developed during the tutoring sessions; it also shows me where the student’s new knowledge is secure and where we need to do further practice to help consolidate that knowledge. Normally, I set and mark weekly homework for each student and use their performance in the homework to guide my planning of subsequent sessions.

It might be that you have specific topics in maths that you would like to work on, or it might be that you want to regain your confidence more generally. Accordingly, we might agree to focus on specific topics, or we might choose topics to fill knowledge gaps as they become apparent through tutoring sessions and weekly homeworks.

Tutoring sessions themselves generally include a mix of explicit teaching from me together with a lot of student practice on relevant problems. My aim in the tutoring sessions is to support the student as they develop greater competence and fluency across a range of mathematical topics. As their mathematical fluency grows, my students become more confident mathematicians.

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